Module required for ts940s

Gary Schwartz
Thu, 9 Nov 1995 07:08:38 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 9 Nov 1995, David McAulay wrote:

> Wonder if someone can help please, Im posting this message for VK4MZ Kerry who doesn't have Internet or Email.
> Kerry has a Kenwood TS-940s and requires some info about a Module that interfaces CT to the 940, as far as he can find out he think's its called a 
> IC-!0b Module..??? its not the RS232 version but the one that fit's inside the radio.??
> Could some-one help with Info please on either a Second Hand one or where one can be purchased NEW.

Kenwood will be doing a one time only, limited production run of the
IF-10B interface kit.  The part number will be:  ZIF-10B.  Cost will be
approximately $79.95 plus tax and shipping.  Order from:

Pacific Coast Parts: 1-800-262-1312 or 310-515-0207  Fax 310-538-4919

East Coast Transistor Parts: 1-800-776-2626 or 516-483-5742 Fax 516-483-5904

Further questions or assistance:  Clifford Uyeda, Customer Relations
Amateur/marine Div.  310-639-5300

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