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Mon, 20 Nov 95 04:02:16 UTC

Hello all:

I hope someone can tell me that there is something terribly obvious that I'm

A buddy (VO2AC) and I am planning to enter the CQ WW CW as a multi-single.  
We are trying to get our two computers to exchange QSO and inter-station 
"gab" messages, and so far we have failed.  

Both computers are 386 machines, and they are running CT version 8.42.  

The connection between the stations is uses a "null modem" cable as
described in the CT manual.  The correct COMTSR# programs are loaded, and set 
to the same baud rate.  One computer has been set up as "station 1", and the 
other as "station 2".  Both computers are set up for the CQWW, CW, 
Multi-Single, with no other accessories (rigs, keyers, etc.) connected.  

Station 2 receives log data and gab messages from station 1, but station 1
does not see any of this data from station 2. 

If you have any idea what we may be doing wrong, please let me know.


Dave VE2ZP

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