CT8 - HELP networking PCs

H. L. Serra hlserra@pwa.acusd.edu
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 08:31:15 -0800 (PST)

K1KP wrote:

> I've had this problem. Make sure the network is set for valid baud rates.
> I was trying to run 19200 on the network, but one computer's com port
> was the old chip and wouldn't support this. Result: one-way communication.
> Make em both 9600 and it worked fine in my case. 

Not only in networking, but in having CT read info from radio thru COM
port: if any commo problems with computer, or "Rec'd bad checksum" msgs,
first rule is SLOW DOWN THE BAUD RATE. Don't worry if the gear is supposed
to handle 28800, or 14400 or 9600, etc., slow it down anyway and it will
probably work. 

73, Larry N6AZE/6E2T contest team (voice of hard experience)

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