SS with 9.26

Jeffrey Yeager
Sat, 25 Nov 1995 13:35:43 -0500 (EST)

  Gotta question for all the CT wizards.  

  Ran CT 9.26 in SS and had some serial number problems.
Using a 386sx40 w/4meg and 386dx12 w/1or2 meg and math co.  For the 
first 500 qs or so the second computer kept up fine then it would 
give a serial number that was the same as the last QSO logged on the main 
computer, , or 1 less like the insert key had been used.  (really screws 
up a log)  after about 900 q the logging screen of the 2nd computer
showed  all the Qs logged but the call sign field serial number was 40 or 50
behind.  We did not detect any pattern to it, it didnt catch up even with
30min off time. (acted like insert key had been pressed at first)
  Another problem was after 2 hrs off time the 2nd computer crashed several
times after a Q was logged on the main station.  The sceen would turn blue
the a bunch of junk would go across it then the c promt would show.  The
computers where networked at 4800 each had 1 icom radio and the 2nd computer
had packet hooked to it, and multi/single catagory choosen in set up.
  This is the same config, down to the cables used that we used in cqww
with no problem. 
  So do we have hardware problems, software problems or
user induced problems.  (hopefully not all of the above :))

P.S  Yes I'm technologically challenged when it comes to computers

73 Jeff KQ4HC

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