CT-9.23 Problem?

John R. Moore jrmoore@jax.jaxnet.com
Thu, 05 Oct 1995 15:56:13 -0400

I have just purchased CT-9.23 and all functions are working fairly well
except I cannot get CT to key the transmitter in CW using either LPT1 or
LPT2. I am using a 486DX4 100mhz with 16 megs of memory with 4 comports
all with 16550A Uarts and 2 printer ports and I have 2 hard drives a 1.2
G and a 210 meg.  I am also using a high speed 32 bit controller card.
the com port keys the cw transmitter just fine but with the radio and
tnc on com 3 and 4 there is a distinct possibility of a conflict if I
use com 2 for the cw keying.  I also have a CDRom and sound card installed,
however I have removed the sound card and CDrom and booted the computer
from a bootable disk and the problem is still there no CW keying on the
printer ports however the com 2 works great.  Any help with this would 
be greatly appreciated.

John R. Moore W5HUQ  jrmoore@jax.jaxnet.com
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