wierd label printing problem

Bob Fabry--N6EK fabry@basisinc.com
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 23:35:22 -0700

I would like to print QSL labels from one log after another using a
dot-matrix printer.  I would like to start CT with one BIN file, print a
some labels, type quit, start CT on a different BIN file, print some labels,
quit, etc.  It doesn't work right.  Typically, when I start CT on a second
BIN file and type the first label, the printer and CT both hang.  I have to
turn everything off and start over in order to clear the hang.  Turning off
just the printer doesn't help.

Pretty much the same thing happens under DOS 6.2 and under OS/2.  It is the
same with CT version 8 and CT version 9.

I discovered the following work around.  When I start CT after the first
time, I switch my printer switch to my laser printer and send one label to a
LaserJet IIP, then switch back to the dot-matrix printer and I can print as
many labels as I want from the new BIN file with no problem.

It felt like my dot matrix printer was what was failing, so I went out today
and bought a new Panasonic KX-1150 dot-matrix printer.  The new printer
doesn't hang the system forever like the old one did, but now, in just those
situations that the old printer would have hung the system, the new one
pauses for about half a minute and then continues.

My current guess is that CT sends out some supposedly benign control
characters before the first label it prints, and these characters are
confusing both of my dot-matrix printers when they receive them for the
second time.

-Bob Fabry, N6EK

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