wierd label printing problem

Bob Fabry--N6EK fabry@basisinc.com
Sat, 7 Oct 1995 13:03:32 -0700

Gary Schwartz wrote:
>Bob Fabry wrote:
>> I would like to print QSL labels from one log after another...
>Why not create a special file, which contains all the .bin files...

This is partly a "Left Coast" problem.  On this coast, we work mostly JA's,
and many JA's QSL every contact.  They seem to have awards based on shear
volume of QSL's.  CT assumes that no one needs a QSL for more than one QSO
per band-mode per BIN file.  If I combine the BIN files, I am unable to use
CT to answer cards for more than one QSO per band-mode.  Also, I have about
ten DXpedition BIN files that must be separate.  -Bob, N6EK

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