QSL manager software

John A. Ross, IV wb2k@ritz.mordor.com
Mon, 09 Oct 1995 05:34:03 -0500

>I am working on the development of a stand alone Windows
>application that will be of use both to the average
>DXer/CONTESTER and to those who are QSL managers.  This
>application would allow one to import CT res/bin files,
>DBase logfiles and ASCII logfiles into either separate or
>combined databases.  Once this database is created, it
>could be sorted on any of the fields.
> From this, one would be able to do the following:
>1) Search for all instances of a callsign within the database,
>   with or without wildcards.
>2) Tag individual entries from the sorted list or directly
>   from the database.
>3) Print the tagged entries either individually or with
>   multiple QSO's per label to either tractor-fed or sheet
>   labels.
>4) Mark the QSLs as sent, with the date printed.
>5) The label format would be able to be fully customizable with
>   such things as callsigns, salutations, graphics and such.
>What I am looking for from you is some feed-back and any
>suggestions.  I am especially interested in any input from the
>users and authors of TR and NA regarding what file export formats
>are available. (I don't use/have either of these contest logging
>programs)  I can't think of what the use might be but would
>export capabilities be useful?
>Later versions could support such things as postage requirements,
>number of IRC's required, bureau sorting/addressing and
>automatic look-up of addresses via CD ROM.
>Any other suggestions?
>Gary K9GS    (You have to STOP the Q-Tip when there's resistance !)

Hi Gary (et al):
I sure hate to dampen anyone's spirits, but the WJ2O software does 98%
of what you just mentioned (doesn't tell you about postage/IRCs). It's not
a "genuine" Windows program, but runs just dandy under Windows. He even
includes a .PIF file.  Last I spoke with Dave (WJ2O) he was working on
turning it into a "true" Windows program.

The one thing you didn't mention (and I believe WJ2O does), is the ability
to look up the callsign in the callsign database (SAM, QRZ, etc.) AND print
the mailing label right after the QSO label. This makes it super easy when
you get around to the "peel and stick" part of QSLing.

73, John - WB2K

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