Fred Cady cady@mainman.ee.montana.edu
Sat, 14 Oct 1995 08:47:21 -0600 (MDT)

On Fri, 13 Oct 1995 na2n@mhv.net wrote:

> Could someone PLEASE tell me what the deal is with the LPT2 Pin 2 Radio 1/2 
> switch in CT 9.25/.26?? I'm trying to build one of these things, and I can't tell if the 
> program's broken, the computer's broken, the cable's broken, the switch's broken, 
> etc., and it's making me crazy. I asked once before, and got a cryptic note from Ken 
> saying "It will be". When I asked " 'It will be' WHAT?", I got no reply.
> help.
Hi Greg,
I havn't gotten the new version of ct yet, but I recall a discussion a 
while ago about ken putting the radio-2 band data on lpt2 in the same 
format as radio-1 is on lpt1.  That seems like a good deal but it took 
away the pin that was the switch pin.  Maybe you can verify that with 
some experimentation.  He was also supposed to put in a ptt signal that 
was activated a little bit before the cw was keyed.  I don't know if that 
has been done yet or not.

Let me know what you find out please, or at least let the reflector 
know.  Good luck.

Fred, KE7X

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