CT V9.26 bug report

Randy Thompson k5zd@iconics.com
Sun, 15 Oct 1995 23:26:22 -0400 (EDT)

CT V9.26 Bug report

Problem - Can't log QSO if CT can't communicate to radio

Description - CT is setup to communicate to IC-765 on COM1.  Problem 
prevents communication (get radio timeout message).  Unable to log a QSO 
(contest=CQWW).  This used to work in V9.23.


How did I find this?  Well I could use your help in solving that...

This summer my station took in some lightning via the phone lines.  Cost 
me a modem and some com ports in the computer.  Got all that repaired, 
and then discovered I could no longer communicate to my IC-765 from CT.  
I am using the KIY box from K1CC.  I replaced the two chips in the KIY 
box and still can't communicate.  I can take the same cable and plug it 
into the TNC and that works so I know it is not the computer, com port or 
cable.  That leaves the radio as the primary suspect.

This is not good.  But before I rip the radio apart, I am looking for 
troubleshooting ideas.  If I put a dumb terminal to this, should I see 
garbage on the screen as I turn the knob on the radio (I don't now)?

Has anyone ever had to work on this part of their 765 and can offer some 

Anyone have another 765 I could borrow to test with?  I promise to return 
it right after CQ WW Phone (!).

Thanks for any suggestions.

Randy Thompson, K5ZD

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