FT-1000MP support

Chad Kurszewski kurscj@oampc12.csg.mot.com
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 08:00:33 -0500

Well, KS9K picked up two of those new FT-1000MPs.  I went and grabbed
one for an evaluation before the contest and to figure out how everything

Well, I figured out almost everything....except how to get it to work
with CT.

I have CT 9.26, which lists the MP as a radio choice.  I'm using 4800
baud.  The "CAT" light is flashing about once per second, but the
frequency on the call-map is like 800kHz.  The call-map frequency
does not change when spinning the dial, changing bands on the radio,
or changing bands on CT.  Typing in a QSY frequncy on CT does not
make the radio change freq.

I know you are NOT supposed to use a null-modem cable, and I'm fairly
sure the cable I have is not.  CT does still work with my "plain jane"
FT-1000 as Radio2 on another COM port.

Does anyone else have the MP working with CT????

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