ECP Exonerated?

Hans Brakob
Thu, 26 Oct 95 22:42 EST

There have been some suggestions here that the "LPT1
doesn't work" on some computers may be related to machines
with "Extended Capabilities Port" (ECP) features.
Seemed worth pursuing.....  Having never heard of such an
animal before, and suspecting my "low end/low cost"
Compaq didn't have anything with the lofty word
"Extended" attached, I did some checking. The Compaq docs
were no help (just an arrow pointing to where LPT1
physically exists). However, my search for knowledge led
me to page 772 of "Windows95 Resource Kit" (a WONDERFUL
book, by the way). Therein I found a laymans explanation
of ECP and a procedure for detecting it and tuning it if
you were so blessed.
Turns out my machine is NOT equipped with ECP at LPT1.
So..... the problem MIGHT be caused by a _LACK_ of ECP, 
but (since I don't have it) the _PRESENCE_ of ECP is not
the culprit.
73, de Hans, K0HB

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