ct and OS/2]

Natan force12e@lightlink.com (Natan)
Tue, 31 Oct 95 17:33:27 EST

The following was sent to Bob Wilson, N6TV and he has asked
that I forward it to the CT refelector.   If you are having
problems with OS/2 and CT, perhaps I can help.  As you can
see, I have had success running various versions of CT on my
old 486/33 DX .

Bob, as far as running CT under OS/2, I can only say that it
works perfectly!  I did not use CT9.26, but did use CT9.23
and I had no problems.  I turned the computer on Friday AM,
loaded CT in a DOS Window and did the contest with no events
at all.  I also loaded the new Windows version of GEOCLOCK
and had that on the screen in a window througout the
contest..  Turned off the computer on Sunday night and did
all the associated chores to develop the log on Monday.

I have had success with CT and OS/2 WARP even on CW and use
it in a DOS full screen for that application.  I see no
problems with keying at all.

Only thing I did for CT was to disable the Alt/Home feature
as that will cause a problem.  Of course this is done in the
settings notebook.

It works and works well --- just like it should.

=========END FORWARDED MESSAGE=========

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Natan W6XR/2

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