CT Keying and PTT

Robert Barron barron@liant.com
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 10:13:03 +600 CDT

I am trying to write some contest file utility programs and I am
having trouble finding all of the information that is stored in
CT's .bin file.  For now my programs will work with v7 files only
and I have not been able to find where the ARRL SS precedence is
stored.  Are some of the bits in status used to record this info?
Here's the v7 .bin qso format as I have it:

typedef struct ct_log_data_struct
   union {
   short      rst;
   short      serial;
   fd_info_type fd;};
   ulong    freq[2];
   long     time;
   uchar    status;
   uchar    band : 4;
   uchar    mode : 4;
   char     call[14];
   char     info[5];
   union {
   uchar    tx_pwr;
   uchar    novice;
   uchar    qtc_num;
   uchar    check; };
   uchar    stn_num;
} ct_log_data;

Are the v8 and v9 file formats also available?  Thanks!


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