TS850 keying

Lee Hiers 0006701840@mcimail.com
Tue, 5 Sep 95 22:58 EST

Hello CT-users...

Bob, AA4U is in exile in Indonesia and has asked me to help him with
the following problem:

He has a TS850 which has a built-in keyer and wants to use this with
the keying provision in his computer logger, but cannot parallel the
two...are there any '850 users out there who have figured out how to
make this happen?  Is there some point inside the radio, after the
keyer output where he could parallel the computer keying?  Bob says
that according to Kenwood, it can't be done...

If you have any ideas, please send them directly to Bob (NOT the
reflector!!) at:

Bob AA4U / YB0ASI - Jakarta    (rblumberg@mcimail.com)

as neither he nor I are on the reflector.

Thanks for the help...

73 de Lee

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