CT network load utility

Hatcher Darren DHATCHER@bibbway.bt.co.uk
Thu, 21 Sep 95 12:03:00 BST

Hi All,

I had a mail from Peter Casier, ON6TT,  regarding a CT network load utility 
that I gave him at last years RSGB HF convention. Its a simple DOS 
application which dumps a good selection of CT network traffic out onto the 
serial port network. Its useful if you want to check that all is well from 
end to end.

If any of you guys need it, its at "ftp.ucsd.edu" in "hamradio/contesting" 
and the file is "congest.zip". If you want any bells and whistles on it for 
CQWW, you'd better ask now.

Hope this is useful,

Darren Hatcher - G0WCW (x-G7BKO)

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