CT 9.27 bug?

Ric Painter Ric.Painter@12.trapper.isdn.net
12 Apr 96 19:20:31 -0500

12 April 1996

CT-User Answer Person:

Recently CT 9.27 was downloaded from CT-BBS.  After running the
self-extracting CT9.EXE I combined the files from my registered
v.9.10 with v.9.27 files in a new directory.  I executed my new
CT and configured it like my old working version but it failed
to key my transmitter.  Also, I couldn't figure out how to set
50-line mode and drive my mouse.  Nothing else has changed, so
any ideas?  Your prompt response will be appreciated.  Thanks!

73 de Ric WA6KUI

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