[ct-user] Free Ham Radio Test Simulators + CW

John Seney, WD1V, LeCroy Sales Engineer 800-553-2769 john@wd1v.mv.com
Thu, 1 Aug 1996 06:06:39 -0500

                              Upgrade Fast! 

          S I M U L A T E the test and get S T I M U L A T E D! 

Studying for the ham tests and have access to an Mac? If it runs System 7.XX
and has 4 Meg or more of memory, you're in business with WD1V's Ham Test
Simulators, Morse Programs, Ham Radio.FAQ, and superb "how to study" material. 

The newest Macintosh Ham Test Simulators are HERE (and THERE if you can FTP)!

                    WWW http://www.mv.com/ipusers/wd1v

Or you may obtain a version "6" Ham Test Simulator by mailing me a *FORMATTED
disk HD disk (1.3 M) and include a Self Addressed and Stamped disk mailer for 
the return. Specify the test you need.

            Simulator Name        Version       Valid Until

            Advanced Ham Test       6.0         June 30, 1998
            Extra Ham Test          6.0         June 30, 2000
            General Ham Test        6.0         June 30, 1998
            Novice Ham Test         6.0         June 30, 1997
            Technician Ham Test     6.0         June 30, 1997

Your comments and suggestions for future versions are always welcome. 

ATTN: PC and other platform users:
My Home Page also links to sites that offer live ham test simulations right
over the net - plus links to Ham Radio.FAQ and VE session schedules. 

Good luck with YOUR next test!


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