[ct-user] DVP and master.dta help needed

John Loftus vk4emm@www.ats.com.au
Fri, 2 Aug 1996 17:27:11 +1000

While operating with Kerry VK4MZ, I experienced a repetitive clicking noise
during playback from DVP - using DXpedition mode. The problem occured part
way through the IOTA contest and seems to be associated with the bin file. I
can restart with an old version of the bin file and all is fine. But, when I
restart with the current bin file (with identical setup) the problem is
still there. Re-recording the message does not help.

After spending two hours updating the old version bin file, the DVP was
working fine again - for a while. At one time the problem returned after
changing from CW back to SSB.

Is there any known cause, remedy, or history of this problem please?

One further request. How can I get a master.dta more recent than November
17, 1994?

John Loftus VK4EMM

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