[ct-user] CT - TS950SDX

Robert Chudek k0rc@pclink.com
Sat, 24 Aug 1996 15:21:53 -0500

Hello Gord,

        Yes indeed, there was a EPROM update for the early Kenwood
TS-950SXD radios.  I don't know the serial number cut off, but you
can determine if you need the update simply by going to SSB and
running CT simultaneously.  The problem radios would introduce a
repetitive "thumping" sound in the transmitted audio.  You could
even hear it in the monitor position with headphones.  I believe
there was a microprocessor timing issue that was resolved with the
updated firmware.  K1EA and Kenwood quickly determined the problem
and Kenwood furnished the fix.

        73 de Bob - K0RC

At 12:59 PM 8/24/96 -0500, you wrote:
>X-VE7TCP-Loop-Detector: ct-user Gordon  Kosmenko <ve6sv@oanet.com>
>Just got the computer & TS-950SDX wired up....using CT 9.27 ver.
>Freq updates from the 950 ..... very slow or not at all.
>Using the Band Map window previous "logged" contacts don't all
>show  ....just a couple, but the freq is wrong.
>Also get alot of "radio timeout" messages. I have heard other
>950 users, return the rig back to Kenwood for a "chip" upgrade.
>Any more info of this ? Is there a S/N lot specfic to this
>Your comments would greatly be appreciated.
>Thanks in advance & 73 .....Gord
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