[ct-user] Converting WF1B RES files to CT BIN files

Bob Fabry--N6EK Bob Fabry--N6EK <fabry@surf.com>
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 08:42:49 +0000

I was recently told that one could not run R2B9 on RES files produced by the
WF1B RTTY software.  This is not true.  R2B9 is buggy, but it can be used
for this purpose.

The problem is that to convert a RES file to a BIN file, one has to have a
way of getting all the header information for the BIN file, like what the
contest is, what the call is, what to send when you hit F1, etc.  Since RES
files were conceived as a way of making minor changes to logs using a text
editor, R2B initially assumed that the original BIN file was still around
and it got the missing information from the old BIN file.  At some point, it
must have been decided this was unnecessary and that if the original BIN
file was not around, default startup information would be provided.
Unfortunately, this doesn't work in R2B9, at least in my environment, not
for WF1B produced RES files and not for CT produced RES files.

So the solution is to take a copy of any old BIN file, rename it to match
the RES file, and put it in the same directory.  If you want, you can create
a new BIN file for this purpose with whatever defaults you desire.  Then
R2B9 works fine!

73, Bob

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