[ct-user] Beware of Idiom Press

William R Liporace William R Liporace <kb2hun@wizvax.net>
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 21:50:07 -0500 (EST)

Here is a message that I have been reluctant to print.  This is not to be 
a flaming message or a bad rap against them.  They sell a great keyer!!
About a month ago I bought the SUper CMOS Keyer III to replace the the 
version II that I gave away to a new ham who wanted to operate code.  A 
couple of weeks ago I decided to build the kit and start using it.  Well 
after a couple of hours I did not get it working.  I made some calls and 
e-mail contacts. I actually got the number for Idiom Press and left a 
message.  I got a call back from them and was told, "We do not make 
mistakes! It was not there problem!"  I was surpised. the next statement 
was " If I send them the chips they will test them for $5 and $10 to 
replace the chip.  
So for $55 I have a box of scrap and no keyer!  I have only been treated 
worse by one customer service rep, but his boss made the situation 
better. Idiom Press is only one person with an attitude that surprises 
me.  I have been thinking of posting his phone number despite his request 
not to.  I am thinking of writing letters to QST and CQ editors to let 
them beware.  I am also going to let the designers of the keyer know what 
kind of people are selling the keyer!!
So after all of this PLEASE BEWARE of IDIOM PRESS!!!!!!!

73 es CUL Will

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