[ct-user] Idiom Press Outcome

William R Liporace William R Liporace <kb2hun@wizvax.net>
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 11:02:49 -0500 (EST)

I finally was able to get everything resolved.  After a couple of more 
questions and alot more trouble shooting and two people working on it, we 
are up and running.
The reason it was never making any noise on the start up was a bad 
trace.  The trace from Q1 to R11 ( I Think ) was bad.  We never got any 
audio out from the unit.  HENCE, reason the keyer was not appearing to 
work properly.  
To also add salt to my wound and eat a lot of crow, I laso had normally 
closed switches.  ( gues I grabbed the wrong pack ).  Before you all beat 
up to bad.  The Keyer never worked ( or appeared to work ) with out the 
Idiom was much more helpful the second time calling.  He asked me 
differant questions and we found the switches.  The third time we called 
and asked about the audio, he said check the 2N2222 transistor.  Well it 
checked OK and even tried a new NPN transistor.  This still did not 
work.  We checked speakers, resistors, even checked the output voltage.  
What we found was good to output.  But nothing to the resistor.  That was 
the reason for the problem.  No Guys this was not bad soldering.  It was 
noticed with an ohm meter and no continuity via the trace.
After I got it working I did call Idiom up explained what I found.  This 
was his first bad trace on a board!!  He was sorry for the inconvenience 
with the board.  I also apolagized for thinking the chips were bad.
I feel that he still makes a great keyer kit.  It shows that there are many 
reasons that a keyer may not work.  I had never thought to check traces 
on the board.   I had did have the help from K2XA in trouble shooting on 
a Saturday evening.  I helped him fix a PC and he helped me with the 
keyer :-) What a great hobby!! 
I will repect the owners request, I am not going to post his phone 
number. I believe he operates from his home.  I am sorry if this causes 
an inconvenience, but I do respect his wishes...
Thank You to all who suggested differant fixes, offered to check the 
chips and keyer.  I also want to say buy a great keyer.  It was nice to 
play with a new toy, Maybe I will treat my self to a new key????
73 es Happy Holidays to All  Will KB2HUN

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