[ct-user] Re: Idiom Press Outcome

Peter Nesbit VK3APN Peter Nesbit VK3APN <pnesbit@melbpc.org.au>
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 09:38:48 +1000

At 11:02 AM 23/12/96 -0500, Will KB2HUN wrote:
>I finally was able to get everything resolved.... (snip)
>Thank you to all who suggested differant fixes, offered to check the 
>chips and keyer.  I also want to say buy a great keyer.  It was nice to 
>play with a new toy, maybe I will now treat myself to a new key????

>73 es Happy Holidays to All
>Will KB2HUN

I've been following the Idiom Press saga with interest, and wanted to say I
was delighted to read the outcome in Will's message. At least two people are
no longer "the customers from hell", and the company has arrested a growing
public relations problem, and is now enjoying some evidently well earned praise.

It just goes to show how much can be achieved when the lines of
communication are open, and people actually listen to each other. This is
the kind of "feel good" story that was just perfect before Christmas.

73 and Happy New Year,
Peter VK3APN

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