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Fri, 9 Feb 1996 08:57:38 -0500

>   n9mxt1@aol.com (N9MXT1) writes:
>      Have you seen this AD in any HAM RADIO Magazines??
>     PacketCluster for DXers and Contesters!  Multi-user, multi node
>  networking software    features real-time messaging, annoucements, DX
>  alerts,e/mail, linking, and much more.  Up to 64 users can connect to your
>  node using a radio, TNC and PC or terminal. Hardware also available.
>     This company is called Pavillion Software.....
>        For everyones information they don't give any support on the product
>  that they       claim they sell!  Also, would you order from a software
>  company that doesn't       even have the money to own a phone!!   When,
>  you call this company all they       have is a answering machine that asks
>  for your credit card number and what       software you want.  
>        I ordered though this company and I found out the hard way about
>  them...       they are a bunch or scam artists who say they will send it
>  right out but never       do.  I have been waiting over 3 1/2 weeks for
>  software that was supposed to       arrive right away and when you call
>  the answering machine they don't even       return your calls!
>        I just want to warn all users that you shouldn't deal with these
>  scam artist       and don't get ripped off from them also.
>                                                   Thanks for your time and
>  good luck!
>                                                                  Jeffrey -
>  N9MXT1
>  If anything changes about my status of my software comming right away I
>  will let you all  know....   but, for the moment nothing is heard from
>  this so called Pavillion Software.
>  N9MXT - Jeffrey

Geez, and I thought _I_ was bad...

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