Interface for the FT-990 (and FT-1000 timeout prob)

John D. Allen
Thu, 15 Feb 1996 07:48:19 -0500

There are or were boxes available.  The one I am using is or was sold
as the KIY box, by K1CC.  It works fine with the FT1000.
(KIY means Kenwood, ICOM, Yaesu - the box can work with all three 

(Note that early boxes may not work with the FT1000 (and maybe other
FT's??) due to a specification problem of some sort.  (Apparently 
there was an omission to the FT1000 interface spec.)  The fix is a 
pulldown resistor added to the box on the FT1000 send side..

I had the FT1000 radio timeout problem with CT (any version) until
this resistor was added - the problem was that NO data was getting 
back to CT from the radio.  That can easily be checked with any 

73, John, K1FWF

>         I'm a 'moderate' contester but feel I'm not yet using the full
> potential of the CT 9.2x's capabilities; one of which is the frequency
> control aspect of the radio.  Do you have to buy Yaesu's CAT Interface box
> or are there generic productions being made that are cheaper (sound like a
> ham?) and one ends up with the same or better results. I had heard that some
> rigs needed to have manufactorer's designated equipment.  The FT-990's
> operating manual is pretty quiet about what is needed to do the job.
> In advance, thanks & 73
> WN6K, Paul
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