CT v9.27, LPT2 & DVK ???

wa1ytw@top.monad.net wa1ytw@top.monad.net
Mon, 26 Feb 1996 07:50:01 -0500

I  just found my cable for my DVK and reconnected it to LPT2 and ran a test with 
v 9.27....I can't use the DVK. 
I did see some mail concerning LPT2 pinouts/DVK stuff in November 95 but I did 
not see or save the end results...
Anyone know if I have to rewire the cable for the DVK to make it work on LPT2? 
And if so, what needs changing?
Thanks, Scott

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Scott Porter, WA1YTW
wa1ytw@top.monad.net or spac@top.monad.net

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