CT networked via Ethernet ???

Assarabowski, Richard AssaraR@utrc.utc.com
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 16:41:00 -0500 (EST)

On that subject, any experiences out there with respect to using 10-Base-2 
(coax) vs. 10-Base-T (twisted pair) networks in an RF environment??  I plan 
on networking a couple of PC's at home, one of them being a laptop with a 
10-Base-T card.  Anyone use 10-Base-T successfully in a high-RF location?  I 
second the motion for a network-ready CT version!

                              -- Rich K1CC

>I have several ethernet connected computers in the shack (10Base2 or thin
>net) and run a kw
>on HF, 2 meters, and 440.  No problem with RF getting into the computers 
>no problem with
>computer interference with reception and I do a fair amount of weak signal
>VHF work.   The ethernet
>then connects my office computer as well as an ISDN router and a Shiva
>network modem.  Again,
>no problem.  The keeper of CT should (in my opinion) add conventional 
>ethernet) network
>support to the program.  There aren't enough serial ports to go around and
>they're much to slow.
>They are also impossible to set up in a hurry.  I use CT at my contest QTH,
>V31DX, serial
>networked to support both run and multiplier computers.  Ethernet would be
>MUCH easier to
>set up and maintain.
>Your thoughts?

>V31DX / N6YRU

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