CTY files updated 30 June 1996

Jim Reisert AD1C Jim Reisert AD1C" <AD1C@tiac.net
Sun, 30 Jun 96 21:55:27 -0400

The CT country files have been updated again.  All files, including
CTY.DAT for CT9, as well as IARU.CTY, etc. for CT8 and older are
available.  In addition, if you're still using CT8 or older, and use
the CTYHDG program to update beam headings in the CTY files, you'll
need to get CTYHDG.PRE again.

To get the files:

1.  Visit the CT WWW page:


    Follow the "CT File Archive" hot link.

2.  Anonymous FTP to:


3.  Send a mail message to ct-user-REQUEST@ve7tcp.ampr.org and request the

    files you want, for example:

	GET cty.dat
	GET cqww.cty
	GET history.cty

4.  Download the file from the CT-BBS (603-878-1900), the file name is

5.  Download the file from the DX BBS (502-898-8864).  The file name is

Here are the release notes:

30-Jun-1996:    * Added GB0SHC to prefix list for N. Ireland, GI.
(CTY-603)       * Changed primary prefix of Palau from KC6 to T8.
                * Added KC6BP, KC6JF and KC6JJ to callsign list for Palau, T8.
                * Added R3F/9 to callsign list for Asiatic Russia, UA9.
                * Removed U8 from prefix list for Asiatic Russia, UA9
                  and added it to prefix list for Ubekistan, UK.
                * Added VK9GA to callsign list for Christmas I., VK9X.

Note that this release fixes the "KC6" problem which plagued a lot of
people in the WPX contest.

As always, send comments and corrections to me.

73 - Jim AD1C

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