Controlling 2nd radio

Alfred J. Frugoli, KE6BER/1
Mon, 8 Jul 1996 20:28:27 -0400

I have done some looking in the CT manual, but no actual experimentation on
this subject.  Here's the question.

If you have two radios connected how do you control both radios.  Is there
a keyboard toggle to switch between radios?  Or does the Alt-Y to switch
between mult and run station do that?

As an aside, however this is done, does CT have the ability to put the
radio 1/2 information to a LPT or COM Port?  Something like this along with
the band data (which I know is available) could be very useful in a 2 radio
contest station with automatic switching circutry.


Al, KE6BER/1,

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