Tyler Stewart
Mon, 3 Jun 1996 18:36:15 -0400

>Just moved to windows95. Can't get radio and computer to talk. I can enter a
>freq in the call field and the radio will qsy, but band map doesn't work and
>I can't qsy the computer from the radio. Anyone tackled this problem? I am
>using an Icom radio. DXB doesn't talk to the radio at all now. Tnx....
>73,   Walt    -   W0CP
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Well, it works fine for me, although I wont contest under Windows 95, I've
used it and currently use DXBase 4.5, which talks to my FT1000D INSIDE Windows
95.  I dont think I've tried CT's interface inside Windows95.  However,
I've decided it's time to leave DXBase for a Windows-based logger.  I'm tired
of paying steep upgrade prices for minor changes like an FT1000MP interface.

73, Tyler KF3P

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