CT & Operating Systems

Bob Levine levine@mc.com
Tue, 4 Jun 96 09:43:09 EDT

I am very frustrated with CT and Windows 95.  I am not
a beginner with PCs and I do have a good machine. (Micron
133mhz Pentium) I have had bad luck trying to get the
"real time" I/O (packet, rig control) working properly.  I
have gotten no help at all from the 2 requests I sent for

I do like CT and have bought registered versions for years.
I liked the interface when I used MSDOS, but it would be
nice to have a contest program that uses the friendly
interface of WIN95. (no debates on that one, please. I'm
a MAC user at heart!)

I end up running LogWindows in a second window so I can see
packet spots and QSY my radio with a click of the mouse. 
(CT itself runs fine for logging, just the I/O is slow......) 
I have tried using CT from a DOS window and also from booting 
directly into MSDOS and running CT there.  I have tried many
combinations of ports, IRQs etc.  Everything else works fine
except CT. The machine has a 16550 UART on every COM port.

Is the contest community really still in the dark ages of PCs
running MSDOS on 286s and 386s with DOS that there is no market for 
real windows based contest apps?  There is no reason why you cant 
have a nice app that supports 4 COM ports to run the TNC, rig,
rotor, and another at the same time.  I have all those devices
connected to different IRQs because I use a good serial port card
for COM3 & 4 which allows you to select other unused IRQs for the
serial ports. This is all supported nicely under WIN 95 and they
all work fine with "proper" Windows 95 apps (actually my rotor 
is on COM4 and a modem on COM3 with rig on COM2 and TNC on COM1)

Someone - take CT and port it to be a 32bit WIN95 app.  


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