OMNI VI and 486 Computer

Victor A. Dubois
Sun, 23 Jun 1996 22:54:42 -0400 (EDT)

Thanks again to the many that responded before to my plea for help making my
OMNI VI and computer communicate with each other.

I've been able to make them communicate, but have noticed a peculiarity
which is bothersome. The "problem" is as follows, and is independent of the
baud rate selected. I get the same results no matter if I select 1200 baud
or 19200 baud or any in between. The peculiarity is as follows:

        - if I change bands at the radio, 100% of the time the computer
changes           bands to match the radio.

        - if  I change bands at the computer, SOMETIMES I get the message "
radio not echoing" and neither the computer nor radio actually change
bands. I do see the screen flicker but no band change takes place.
Even after refusing to change bands from the computer, the radio can
change bands 100% of the time as it did before.

By the way the radio does get frequency information for use in the band map
100% of the time.

Any suggestions, or is this normal? 


Vic   N4TO

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