CT I/O Problem

Bob Levine levine@mc.com
Tue, 5 Mar 96 10:10:53 EST

Recently I purchased a new computer with WIN95 so I dont know 
if I could blame WIN95 or the new PC with a 133Mhz Pentium based
Micronics motherboard.

Running CT in a DOS window, there is a problem with the TNC window.
Newly received packets do not show up on the packet window when they
are received.  Only after sending a packet (from alt-T window) do the
received messages flush out to the packet rx window.

The setup was fine with previous computer (486dx33), CT v 9.2x, TS850
on COM2 4800B, PK900 on COM1 9600B (but 19200B used to work too).  Both
COMM ports are 16550s on the motherboard and other Win Apps like LogWindows
which use both ports simultaneously work ok.

Anyone with similar problems?


Also, what country was the PQ0 during ARRL DX PH?

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