CT and WIN 95

bsimonson@comcastpc.com bsimonson@comcastpc.com
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 20:41:32 -0500

I last wrote for help in running CT 9.27 with an FT1000D on a Dell P133c,
after exiting windows and restarting in DOS mode (I'll play with running in
a DOS box with WIN 95 running later).  I had erratic operation, a minimally
functioning keyboard (slow and erratic), and radio timeouts with out the
radio control working.  I know the comports work, since LOGic 4 functions

Ken responded quickly with a suggestion, but tat did not solve the problem. 
Through experimentation I have found that the DVP and comtsr1 (the tnc) do
work.  The problem occurs when I load comtsr2 (the FT1000D).  Anyone have
any suggestions or ideas why an FT1000 should not work (it did work for the
ARRL using my old Compaq 486).  I have checked com 2 in windows to confirm
that the address, baud rate, interrupt, and software interrupt correspond
between what I am running in WIN 95 and what I am loading with comtsr2.


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