CT support

Steven R. Schmidt kr4dl@mindspring.com
Mon, 27 May 1996 11:43:44 -0400

Or lack thereof?  I spent the month before the WPX test trying to download
the upgrade from the (long distance) bulletin board.  It continually showed
me as an unregistered user, despite my invoice from 11/94.  I left notes on
the bulletin board, sent e-mail messages, and even faxed a copy of my
invoice to the fax number for Harvard radio.  I tried calling several times
(no answer).  In over a month, nobody responded and I was still "unregistered".
I found the booth at Dayton.  Explained that I had a new FT 1000MP and
wanted the upgrade for support of the radio interface.  They apologized for
the lack of attention and, when it seemed they wouldn't have me updated in
the registered database by the WPX, handed me an upgrade disk to cover my needs.
I couldn't get it to work.  I was out of town until about an hour before the
test, and frantically tried to fix it.  At first I suspected the unusual IRQ
on Com 3 (12).  Changed my Com ports around, tried every combination of
Comtsr, went to store saturday morning for new serial cable...in short, I
spent more of the WPX putzing with my computer than making contacts.
After the 'test, I received a response from a 1000MP user to one of my
anguished requests for help which said, basically, "9.27 workes fine; if
you're using 9.26, forget it--it won't work."  Surely the CT guys gave me
the newest upgrade at Dayton?  WRONG!  They gave me 9.26, either because
they didn't know, or were just trying to get rid of me.
I'm not happy.  Hopefully someone will tell me this is not the norm..I'll be
looking for a new contest logger.

73,  Steve  KR4DL

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