[ct-user] CT & Win95

Angelo Gino Zambaiti (IK2RZP) gino@galactica.it
Thu, 12 Sep 1996 14:19:39 +0000

I perfectly know that this argument has been discussed many times but
unfortunately today refind me in the following situation:
 I have acquired a new COMPUTER PENTIUM 120 with WIN95 preinstalled and
now the CT 9,10 that with WIN3,1  always has worked well,it causes me
 1-time is illegible and gives symbols instead of numbers.
 2-window Packet-RX shows me received texts only after the TX of PACKET
 3-when I try using the DVP, programme interrupts.
 Probably there are others problems but have stopped me at this point.
 I have tried to make start WIN95 with F8 and the PROMPT of DOS and  CT
works perfectly.
 As it is evident that I am not an expert of computer, can anyone help 
me saying me in simple way thing do to use CT and WIN95 contemporarily?
 Thank you in advance for advices.
 Hallo from IK2RZP Gino E-mail:gino@galactica.it

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