[ct-user] FT-900 Interface

jg4clv@hiroken.or.jp jg4clv@hiroken.or.jp
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 15:06:42 +0900

JPRYOR>Does CT support computer interface/control of FT-900? It's not one of the       radio choices -- will setting th
e program to FT-990 or FT-1000 work?

Hi Jay,
I participate in CONTEST that I CONTROL FT-1000 using CT.
There is not a problem in the operation at all.
Concretely, it connects with SERIAL-PORT using I/F for YAESU-CAT-SYSTEM.
Then, it makes the setting of TNCTSR - B4800 - N82.
Directness please to me if there is a question more


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