Randy L Phelps Randy L Phelps <rlp2pr@perry.stark.k12.oh.us>
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 20:55:45 -0500 (EST)

Hello all!  Thanks for all of the responses in regards to the hum problem 
I have been having with the DVP.  As you recall, I was experiencing a 
really bad hum on my transmit signal using the DVP.  To make a long story 
short, it was definitely a 'ground loop problem.'  To remedy the problem, 
I ran a ground wire from the ground lug of the radio, to the computer 
case. Then from the computer case directly to ground.  Thats it!!  You 
guys are brilliant!!!  I do however, have some type of noise yet on the 
transmit signal, but nothing overpowering like the hum I had.  Been 
EXTREMELY busy here lately, and hopefully soon, I will be able to remedy 
this problem also.  Thanks again for all of your help!!  You are all 
greatly appreciated!!!!!


Randy - KD8JN

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