[ct-user] Networking CT over long distances

Tony Tony <ke6ynr@garlic.com>
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 21:20:09 -0700

Hi Brian & all

Brian, K2BJ, said:
>Anybody out there have experience (a la field day) of networking CT over
>long distances, ie 100-200 ft apart?...if you go apart this far serial
>interfaces don't work so well.

RS232C voltage mode is guaranteed to 50 feet but generally works
to 200 to 250 feet. RS232 current loop mode works to 1500 feet in
an industrial environment. As it's a current mode/low impedance
loop (4 and 20 mA), it is much less susceptible to common mode
noise pickup. Voltage to current loop converters may be less 
expensive than voltage to fiber optic connections (extremely 
noise immune). 

> Are my concerns unfounded? If so, who can
>help with a good design out there that is stable in a high-power

Sorry, I have no direct experience with this in a high rf power
environment. It works great in an industrial control environment, 

73, Tony

Tony Armendariz
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