[ct-user] Fw: FT1000MP interface problem (again!)

Dave Malley Dave Malley <dmalley@pipeline.com>
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 19:17:00 -0500

I just went thru this problem after the system had worked really well
during CQWW fone.  After checking all the difficult things (TSR parms,
batch files, cable integrity, etc.),  I found that I hadn't plugged the uP
cable well enuf into the MP after moving the radio!..

What's that phrase abt keeping it simple?!

Dave, K1NYK

At 04:46 PM 11/26/97 -0000, Tyler Stewart wrote:
>>Well, mysteriously, my older MP has decided to stop talking to CT.  It has
>>worked fine in the past, but for some reason no longer...
>>I know several of you have had this problem, so please email me with the
>>73 Ty K3MM
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