[ct-user] On a lighter note......

AP2TJ - Tariq AP2TJ - Tariq <ap2tj@paknet2.ptc.pk>
Wed, 03 Dec 97 22:10:06 --0500

Hi Folks,

Thanks to Matt (KC1XX) I now have a CT 9.31 diskette & user manual sitting
on my desk. Inserted the diskette and typed INSTALL, after I entered my
station details (typical "little pistol" setup - derringer, more like), a
voice came on the speakers (Yes, I run Win95): "You want to use CT with THIS
setup? Bah!!" and the program exited with a derisive snort and a Bronx Cheer

But seriously - I have not even BEGUN to use the program & already I am
intimidated by all the messages on the mailing list. Seems to have a snag
list bigger than the early Apollo moonshot missions (Yup, I am old enough to
remember them). All this for what is in essence a simple logging program but
dedicated to contests. Jim/AD1C provides magnificent support including
personalized service (thanks again, Jim) but still in this humble/1st time
contester's opinion the path is far too convoluted.

Moral of the story in my opinion: time a Windows (preferably 95 & NT)
version of CT was developed/released. A lot of us using just the single
machine to perform a multitude of tasks.

Thus speaketh a poverty stricken Third Worlder.

73 de Tariq/AP2TJ.

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