[ct-user] CT 9.10/FT1000MP

ne9z@sprynet.com ne9z@sprynet.com
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 09:55:34 -0800

Used CT 9.1 (computer 486/66, Windows 95) for the first time with FT1000MP 
during CQWW-CW contest this last weekend.  The DB-9 serial interface cable is 
attached to Com 1 & the CW harness is attached to LPT 1.  

I shut down out of Windows 95 & re-boot into DOS C:\ and invoke a batch file 

The ct.cfg file was set up for CW mode & CQWWCW in the C:\CT\.  The batch file, 
cqwwcw.bat, which was set up in the root directory C:\ which when invoked 
sequences thru: 

*   The communications TSR (quick look).
*   Information sheet - which sequences thru several menus for correct options.
          * Contest Type  * Mode  *  Category  *  etc.
*   Itemized info list.
*   Communications set-up - Comports setup as Com1, 4800, Radio 1

My problem:  When typing in the first call on 20CW into CT and hitting enter, a 
message came up at bottom of screen:  "OUT OF BAND".  Same message on all the 
other bands.  I rechecked the ct.cfg file for CW mode, Information Sheet data & 
Communication set-up.  All appeared in order for CQWW-CW contest.   I re-looked 
at the cwqqcw.bat file for mistakes and all looked OK.  Nothing I could do would 
correct the problem.  When changing bands on CT the rig would change bands per 

To continue on in the contest I re-booted to C:\CT\CT and entered the file 
cqwwcw.bin which sequences thru same sequences as above except for the 
Communications TSR list.

This of course disables the serial interface cable function but I had to 
obviously change bands manually on the rig & CT with the normal function 
buttons.  All was OK thru rest of contest.

What am I doing wrong or how do I correct the problem??

Bill  NE9Z  ne9z@sprynet.com

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