[ct-user] CT 9.10/FT1000MP

w2xx@cloud9.net w2xx@cloud9.net
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 13:09 -0400

The FT-1000 Mp has many problems with CT 9.31.  Among them are the one you
describe, which is usualyy a function of having the XIT activated. Unlike the RIT
problem which merely screws up the frequencies in the log (making it seem as if
you operated in the wrong segment, prevents you from looking in the log after
the contest and seeing when you where running successfully etc.), the XIT causes
CT to think the radio is god knows where and you can't log the contact until you
hit the CLEAR button on the front panel. This is especially fun on 160, where 99%
of the time, you transmit with an offset.

The other problem with 9.31 and the FT-1000MP that I observed was that when you
grab a packet spot, the radio automatically ended up in LSB-CW mode, regardless
of band.  The problem is that you *can* make the mult contact, but when you go
back to your run frequency, you are often 1KC off in frequency.  I suspect this is
due to the "Kenwoodization* of the Yaesu radio, with more menu choices than ,y
local diner.  I spent a long time with the manual and the radio during the contest
(great during those high-rate runs) and could not get the thing to default to the
proper sideband on the high-bands.

Ah, you say, CT 9.32 addresses some of these issues...could be, but when the
BBS is unavailable for a week up to the contest, it's damn hard to get the

73, J.P. W2XX

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