[ct-user] M/S .all files

Gary Yantis Gary Yantis <gyantis@midtec.com>
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 18:10:56 -0700

Re multi/single, can someone tell me if CT is supposed to also generate 
(with WRITELOG) a combined .all (log) file in addition to separate .all 
files for both stations?  CQWW CW was my first  M/S (lot of fun!) so, from 
past experience as single op, I was expecting CT to generate a combined log 
.all file.  If this is correct I assume CQ (and ARRL) accepts the two 
separate .all files (run and mult) plus the summary file, of course.  Sorry 
if this has been answered before.  If it's in the CT archives, I missed it. 
Gary, W0TM    Vail,CO

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