[ct-user] FT 1000MP Problems continue...

Jim Pyle Jim Pyle <jwp@lightstream.net>
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 10:37:54 -0500

I had a strange occurance during the CQCW last weekend.  I use an FT
1000 MP and CT 9.27.  Initially it worked correctly until I grabbed a
spot.  From that point on the band on CT would not change.  The radio
would, however.  The only way to eliminate the problem was to restart
without radio interface.  The problem would "self clear"  if the
computer was turned off for several hours and other programs were run
before restarting CT.  I am hard pressed to offer an explaination other
than if I use my FT 900 at the FT 890 setting these problems do not
occur.  Any comments????


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