[ct-user] CT & Problems with IBM & Clones

AP2TJ - Tariq AP2TJ - Tariq <ap2tj@paknet2.ptc.pk>
Thu, 04 Dec 97 22:18:36 --0500

Hi Howard,

Welcome aboard. I too (in my humble way) disagree with Microsoft's marketing
tactics but thats something for Janet Reno to decide. In the meantime, "If
you can't beat 'em" seems to rule. My own route to personal computing was
the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K followed by the Commodore C-64 (ahhh!!! what a
L-O-V-E-L-Y machine for its time, still is) and then the PC /clones. Can't
say I missed the Apple revolution, although the Amiga did cause me to miss a
heartbeat or two.

Anyway, message to the CT gurus - time you climbed on the Windows bandwagon
or missed the bus - again, IMHO. Sorry Ken but DOS is a dying art.

73 de Tariq/AP2TJ.

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