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Tony Tony <ke6ynr@garlic.com>
Fri, 5 Dec 1997 08:56:57 -0800

Hi Bruce & the Group,

At 13:15 -0800 12/04/97, Bruce Lallathin wrote:
> If there was a small charge for
>upgrades it would help to keep the programmer compensated for a lot of
>work. How about a flat fee per year, say $35 to get a "PIN" number to
>access the BBS or preferably the internet site. Lets face it, I have got a
>lot for my initial investment! If is worth having it is worth paying for...

I would agree in principle. But... The going rate for annual software
maintenance for 'big' workstations (Sun, HP, etc.)is about 12% of the 
cost of the product; _not_ 44%. The 12% cost has the customer paying 
for bug fixes as well as feature enhancements.

In line with software upgrades for personal computers, 40 to 50% would be 
an appropriate price to upgrade a major revision. Say from version 9.x.x to
version 10.x.x. A mini upgrade could happen if significant features were 
added without the major rev incrementing.

There's my 4 cents worth. What do you think?


Meanwhile, that's GREAT to have the BBS info put directly on the internet.
Us poor folks with only ISDN lines will be able to reach it, too.

cheers & 73,  Tony

Tony Armendariz
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