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CT's still the most powerful contest program out there, even though it's been
a "dead" product for several years now.

I've got no problem at all paying for new versions and maybe a yearly
"maintenance fee" of say $15 or so to support a web site, etc., but in order
to justify collecting these fees, the product has to be supported and upgraded
on a regular basis.

CT has not been supported on a professional level for several years now.

73, Ty K3MM
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>Hi Bruce & the Group,
>At 13:15 -0800 12/04/97, Bruce Lallathin wrote:
>> If there was a small charge for
>>upgrades it would help to keep the programmer compensated for a lot of
>>work. How about a flat fee per year, say $35 to get a "PIN" number to
>>access the BBS or preferably the internet site. Lets face it, I have got a
>>lot for my initial investment! If is worth having it is worth paying for...
>I would agree in principle. But... The going rate for annual software
>maintenance for 'big' workstations (Sun, HP, etc.)is about 12% of the
>cost of the product; _not_ 44%. The 12% cost has the customer paying
>for bug fixes as well as feature enhancements.
>In line with software upgrades for personal computers, 40 to 50% would be
>an appropriate price to upgrade a major revision. Say from version 9.x.x to
>version 10.x.x. A mini upgrade could happen if significant features were
>added without the major rev incrementing.
>There's my 4 cents worth. What do you think?
>Meanwhile, that's GREAT to have the BBS info put directly on the internet.
>Us poor folks with only ISDN lines will be able to reach it, too.
>cheers & 73,  Tony
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