[ct-user] Multi-single .all files

Gary Yantis Gary Yantis <gyantis@midtec.com>
Fri, 5 Dec 1997 11:51:32 -0700

Thanks to all of you that responded to my question about CT not
generating a combined .all file for CQWW M/S entrants.  Here is 
a summary of the responses:
1.  CT does not generate this file but it needs to.  Hopefully this will
be added in an upcoming revision to CT or at least noted in the 
manual (how to generate it -- see below) to avoid future first time
M/S entrants from having this same question.
2.  After receiving several responses that differed (slightly) I sent
an e-mail to CQ and received a prompt response from K3EST.  
Bob said they do want a combined .all file (along with the .sum
file).  As an alternative he said they will accept a .bin file but it's 
not their first choice (since it takes them time to convert the file
to ASCII).  To generate the combined .all file for M/S he said to
change your category to single or M/M then do a WRITELOG. This will 
generate the combined .all file.  Then edit your summary sheet to 
show M/S. This is what several of you also told me to do. It occurred 
to me that you could also change back to M/S then do WRITELOG
again.  Then you'll have your separate run and multiplier plus combined 
files should you want them all .  I tried it and it works fine.  Anyway, 
that's the official response from CQ.  

Thanks again -- see you all on 160 this weekend!
Gary, W0TM

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